Service Providers

We have walked a long and enriching road with our customers from the Service Providers‘ market. Throughout this time we have managed to gain their trust, not only offering the solutions and services they needed at each moment, but also by proving that we are a great travel companion. We have shared times of plenty and crisis and we have always known how to find mutually beneficial solutions.

Service Providers have business priorities including the need to innovate in products and services, attract and maintain new clients, implement improvements in their ICT processes, improve the quality of their services, and especially, the need to have and manage a flexible infrastructure that allows them to promptly adapt to their customers’ demands and the movements of their competitors.

The drivers that are the driving force of this market are: Video, the transition to IPv6, M2M, SDN, applications and architectures focusing on services, new mobile devices and their apps, Big Data Business Intelligence applications, broadband mobile technology as an alternative to broadband fixed networks, Cloud implementations and, of course, detection, prevention and mitigation of cyber-threats on network level.

Axians is prepared to take on these challenges and stand beside our customers to advance in the development of the ICT needs of Service Provider, always seeking to help them develop their business in a growing, stable and sustainable way.

Today, Axians is a clear reference in the Integration of Networks and Systems in voice, data, video, and convergence Service Providers. Axians is especially a leading provider in network Solutions and Services for Cable Service Providers.


  • Design and implementation of Networks in Operators with Cable Access Technologies DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1, FTTH. Migration of the provisioning and management systems of cable operators.
  • Design and implementation of Fiber Optic Networks and their evolution 40G-100G.
  • Implementation of last generation SP-WiFi solutions including “Community WiFi” Access in Cablemodem clients and HotSpots (outdoor and indoor AP), migration of GGSN equipment, consolidation of RADIUS authentication for WiFi and Mobile services in a unique CAR and the design and implementation of a user portal including business analytics in high density environments.

  • Migration of the MPLS network to support new services, including the implementation of B-RAS equipment for FTTH client connections.
  • Integration into a single service requests for FW rules and ACLs, port configuration, assignment service, port maintenance and IP addressing.
  • Implementation of the secure local and remote access infrastructure through the implementation of a robust AAA authentication system. Homogenization and migration of the operator’s DNS platform for IPv6 support in a fixed-mobile environment.

  • Professional services for the end-to-end implementation of a new platform for advanced video services (TV, VoD, Multiscreen …) OTT for the operator. Design and deployment of a 4K NFV video solution for NEBA environment
  • Multifactor security maintenance and management services (SPOC), including corrective maintenance, preventive detection, advisory service and change management.
  • Study of the Corporate network to determine the capacity to deploy IPv6 services and possible strategies to provide the network with this connectivity.
  • Disk backup platform that allows the backup of large volumes of information within a reduced window and an agile recovery at the same time, offering remote backup for the operator’s clients.
  • Design, installation and configuration of infrastructure Cloud of clients of the operator’s Datacenter, including integration with the backup Datacenter and the Cloud strategy, combine private and public models
  • Design, development and start-up of a Big Data platform for the proactive detection of incidents. Technological consulting of the Datacenter including, study of the current situation, analysis of obsolescence and proposal of possible evolution scenarios.


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