Axians Spain, whose main activity is to provide engineering services in the design, development, sale, deployment and maintenance of voice, data and video secure networks and storage systems, structured cabling systems and fibre optic, local and wide area networks, IP communication services and security solutions for our customers, is committed to an Integrated Management System which includes quality, environment, information security, IT service management and occupational health and safety, according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001, AQAP 2110, UNE-EN ISO 14001, UNE ISO / IEC 27001, UNE ISO / IEC 20000-1 and OHSAS 18001, in their current versions.

We are a company oriented to our customers and committed to their satisfaction, with the final purpose of providing high quality services, aligned with the EFQM model of the European Foundation for Quality Management. We strive for our customers and employees satisfaction while also ensuring our services and products achieve the highest quality and comply with all the applicable legal requirements.

The purpose of our Integrated Management System is the complete satisfaction of our customers, pollution prevention, sustainable development, proper treatment and protection of information, the effective provision of managed IT services, surveillance and prevention in our employee’s occupational health and safety, and the continuous improvement.

The Company Management is committed to provide adequate resources for the Integrated Management System development, reviewing and continuously improving its effectiveness.

To achieve our purposes we have established a common policy to all management systems; present at all the company levels, in order to allow continuous improvement and employee’s further training.

Quality, Environment, Information Security, Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Continuous Improvement

Axians Spain, whose main activity consists of:

Provide engineering services in the design, development, sales, implementation and maintenance of:
secure networks for the transmission of voice, data, video,
storage systems;
Installation of structured cabling systems and fibre optics, local area networks and wide, IP communication services and security
Provision of remote monitoring
By establishing this policy we intend to focus our staff and procedures towards the common goal of maximizing customer satisfaction and ensure the occupational health and safety of workers, in a continuous improvement process that allows the company to achieve its objectives and to encourage professional development of our team, fulfilling the applicable requirements.

As part of our Integrated Management System, Axians Spainassumes the following commitments:

Adopt measures to allow the continuous improvement of the management systems implemented.
Set quality, environment, information security and occupational health and safety goals and objectives, aligned with this Policy and our activity, in order to develop positively our business, improve our results regarding the management systems implemented and thus achieving the continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System.
Establish and maintain a Continuous Improvement Plan to measure and follow the opportunities for improvement, mainly related with objectives compliance and customer requirements.
Maintain an appropriate Integrated Management System for our organization and activities in accordance with the principles established in UNE EN ISO 9001, AQAP 2110, UNE EN ISO 14001, EN ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1 and UNE EN OHSAS 18001, in their current versions and scope defined.
Prevent contamination and carry out activities in order to minimize the impact we may have on the environment.
Prevent damage and deterioration of the workers’ health.
Establish actions to reduce risks, damages and injuries of workers and achieve a safe and healthy workplace.
Comply with all applicable law, applicable requirements of information security and other requirements Axians Spainmay subscribe, related to the company activity, stakeholders and environmental aspects.
Axians Spain´s Management approves this policy and provides the Management System Committee and Occupational Health and Safety Committee the necessary authority to achieve its development and implementation.