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Each business sector faces specific challenges, which is why we align ourselves with the client to solve them.

Solution description

Axians is recognized as a reference integrator after almost 15 years leading the development of digital television in Spain, contributing with its experience in the expansion of IPTV platforms and the adaptation of services to new market technologies, such as OTT (Over The Top).

All this experience in the reception, processing and distribution of audiovisual signals has been put into value by offering companies solutions adapted to their needs to increase and improve their communication channels, from the development of Corporate Television projects, Digital Signage and Dissemination of Content (live or on demand), to services aimed at improving the distribution of said contents (optimization of existing Networking infrastructures or content distribution networks – CDN.


Our Solutions for Video & IPTV

TV Platforms: OTT & IPTV

  • Contribution (IP, ASI, SDI, SDIoIP, …)
  • Video Coding
  • Packetization / Multiplexing
  • Middleware, DRM, CAS, EPG, HbbTV
  • Distribution(Origin Servers, CDN, DVB, FTTx)
  • STB and Multi-device Applications
Corporate Image

  • Corporate TV
  • Digital Signage
  • Live Events Diffusion
  • Audiovisual Content Management
  • Employees Portal
  • Digital Archive
  • Online Training
Distribution Optimization

  • Optimization of existing infrastructure
  • Integration of new audiovisual services
  • Content Distribution Networks (CDN)

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