Security and Information Protection

Axians develops a complete portfolio of cybersecurity solutions designed to globally protect networks from being a mere agent of byte transport, to an agent that is able to understand the information it carries and to ensure and protect its delivery.

Solution description

Cybersecurity is the new set of mechanisms aimed at securing the use we make of cyberspace. Faced with the traditional security that cares about the medium (the network), cybersecurity extends to “Things” and the way to use them, providing security not only to the means of transport, but integrating users and components that they make use of the cyberservices.

Our Solutions for Security and Information Protection

Perimeter Security

  • New Generation Firewall - NGFW
  • Applications Firewall
  • New Generation IPS - NGIPS

Protection Against Advanced Threats

  • Endpoint Security
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Retrospective Analysis

Datacenter Security

  • Software Defined Protection – SDP
  • Virtual Infrastructures Protection
  • Identity Management, NAC, IPAM
  • Remote Access and User Management
  • Balance and Business Continuity
  • Database Security
  • Data Encryption

Content Security

  • User Navigation Control
  • Mail Security
  • Encryption and SSL Opening

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