IP Solutions in Industrial Environment

From Axians we collaborate in the design of fully adapted networks for Industry 4.0, adapting to industrial protocols and integrating business applications.

Solution description

Axians’ IP solutions for the Industrial Environment accelerate digital transformation. Axians solutions allow people and machines to be connected, through Business Analytics and Machine Learning tools, to be able to improve industrial processes and draw up dashboards to make business decisions. Making use of sensorization, we implement predictive maintenance, which allows reducing plant shutdowns and improving the efficiency of the same.

Our IP Solutions in Industrial Environment

IP networks in Industry 4.0

  • Design of high availability networks.
  • Wifi networks for intensive use of critical applications
  • Adaptation of industrial protocols.
  • Integration with networks defined by Software (SDN)
  • Out-of-The-Box and Real Time Plug & Play solutions to facilitate deployment in remote plants.

IoT Solutions in Industrial Plant

  • Sensorization of the production chain.
  • Design of power needs through PoE.
  • Proactive Industrial Plant: Business Analytics solutions for the improvement of industrial processes.
  • Control and Security Management in the accesses.
Operations and Control Centers

  • Complete design of the Operations center.
  • Supervision and remote management of centers and elements.
  • Cybersecurity in industrial environment.

Integral Management and Maintenance

  • Remote management of plant "assets".
  • Business Analytics for proactive Maintenance: decrease of MTBF and MTTR.
  • Discovery solutions and inventoried.

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