IP Solutions in Energy Environment

From Axians, we propose a complete portfolio of solutions that allow the complete digitalization of generation plants, substations and transformation centers, providing them with IP technology for complete communication and remote management of them.

Solution Description

The energy sector is undergoing a huge transformation in recent years. In addition, our solutions also include the complete design of the control centers and the necessary tools for the supervision of the different points of the network without forgetting the cybersecurity solutions that guarantee the protection of the networks against all types of threats. Axians also has complex solutions in the Smart Metering environment dedicated to the detection of fraud.


Our IP Solutions in Energy Environment

Generation Plants and IP Substations

  • Migration of traditional SDH transmission networks to IP / MPLS networks.
  • Ring networks to communicate the centers with Ethernet Ring Protection.
  • Access WIFI operational with remote management.
  • Protocol converters.
  • Specific cybersecurity solutions in energy environments

Transformation Centers

  • Communication between Centers at level 2 (through operator networks)
  • IP telephony solutions operational. operacional.
  • Remote IP Remote Management Solutions.
  • Remote access control
  • Remote recording.
Operations and Control Centers

  • Complete design of the Operations center.
  • Supervision and remote management of centers and elements.
  • Collaboration Solutions and Unified Communications.
  • Cybersecurity Solutions

Homologation Lab

  • Homologation of IP equipment in real environment.
  • Testing of Communications Networks
  • Proof of concept.

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