Corporate Social Responsability


Companies have a very important role in the development of society. It is no coincidence that the most advanced economies with higher levels of well-being are those that have a more dynamic, modern business sector and with more sustainable management models.

In Axians we have been providing Information and Communication Technologies services to the main companies of the country for more than 20 years. We constantly work with our customers and suppliers to anticipate the changes and resolve any issues related to the networking world. At Axians we have always thought that the responsibility of a company is to contribute to the commitment to the people and the environment in which we live. Developing a sustainable business means that our employees feel proud to work in Axians and implies having the trust of our customers, suppliers as well as the admiration of our competitors.

In addition to being oriented towards our clients to help them in this new and exciting era of communications, we are fully aware of the social, economic and environmental impact that our activities can generate, and for that reason we are committed to making this impact very positive for our environment. From Axians we incorporate social, labor, environmental and human rights concerns as part of the business strategy.

The success of our business also goes through our commitment to create benefits for a better world. Businesses, individuals, governments, we have to work together to make it so. Our intention is to continue adding actions to our CSR plan and that is why we are committed and we encourage you to participate.

Our Corporate Responsibility action is aimed at promoting our commitment to responsible and sustainable business development, with our professionals, the environment and society. We have to move towards a more competitive, productive, sustainable and inclusive society and economy. We are committed to a long-term strategy 2015-2020, aligned with the Spanish Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility designed by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

We believe in Social Responsibility since it establishes relationships of trust between our employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers and in general the whole society generates a greater reputation


PLAN CSR 2015 – 2020

We have a Corporate Social Responsibility plan based on 5 programs, about which we have been carrying out numerous actions that we are very proud of and we want to keep it in the long term.

Program 1: Commitment to our employees: promote a positive work culture.

Program 2: Social and community support.

Program 3: Control and minimization of environmental impact.

Program 4: Influence on our suppliers, contractors, partners, employees and customers.

Program 5: Investment in R & D.



A dynamic, clear and positive organizational culture, attracts because it generates welfare and quality of life among employees and collaborators, increasing the commitment to the company.

At Axians we strive to improve the professional development of our professionals through training and internal promotion. All this promoting the values ​​and ethical principles of the company and ensuring strict compliance with labor legislation and internal regulations. We promote quality employment, betting on the stability, training and professional development of employees.

Productivity, creativity, innovation, quality of service and better performance of workers, is directly related to the environment in which they operate. A good working climate helps to strengthen the corporate culture and we are proud of the way in which the new staff integrates and learns how we work in our company thanks to the experiences, ideas and testimonies of our employees.

We are oriented towards a responsible human capital management that has positive impacts on our society in key points such as:

  • The creation of jobs
  • Economic growth
  • Employee training
  • Our company values take into account people
  • Our main guarantee, which has allowed us to win the trust of our clients and build lasting relationships with them, is the excellence of a service by a team of people with a high level of training and high doses of creativity and innovation


Our customers are the basis of our business, they are our travel colleagues and their stability over time makes us very proud. For them we discover new routes and we travel together, like the dolphins of our new brand.

Thus we understand our relationship with the companies we work for, a relationship based on trust and reliability that has allowed us to build lasting bonds. With each step we take, the longer the journey. And when the journey is long, the friendship is strong and lasting.

Therefore, for our customers we are not suppliers but strategic partners. Because we understand their needs, because we know that they do not buy technologies but are looking for customized solutions, designed with their future in mind.

It’s the big companies we work for that make ours a great company. Because they are the projects that we realize for them our greater patrimony.


The great milestones of our civilization are due to people who were ahead of their time, who managed to overcome difficulties by bringing new optics in front of them and that with their conquests extended the horizons of humanity.

That spirit is the trait that best defines us as people and as company. We share with these explorers their intrepid and imaginative character and for that reason we choose them as metaphorical representation of our company philosophy.

And is that, when you are an explorer, like us, sometimes you have to go inventing things along the way to get where you want.

Each of Axians’s professionals has extensive training and accreditation in what it does, it knows its environment, its problems and its needs.

We generate value in our clients and our extensive experience in the ICT sector identifies us as pioneers in offering specific proposals adapted to the real needs of the business with the aim of improving efficiency and productivity.

For Axians there are no borders, communication, versatility and flexibility allow us to approach projects wherever they are needed.


We believe in innovation and seek differentiation with the objective of aligning our technological proposal with the business needs of our customers. Because we are not a company that provides standardized products or services, we develop customized solutions for each of the companies that rely on us.

We move at the same speed as the times, anticipating the needs of the companies and organizations with which we work, to boost their progress and give them the solutions that allow them to stay in the forefront and be competitive.

This desire for discovery has been our motivation throughout our career. And it is also what inspires us today; Moved by this spirit, we continue exploring the universe of the TIC to discover new worlds to our clients.

Because we know that in this barely known territory, there are no paths traced, there are no maps or charts to tell us where to go; Are the footprints left behind when walking those that draw the road.

At Axians we want to be one of the best places to work and we are aware of the importance of:

  • Attract, develop, empower and retain diverse, talented and committed professionals.
  • Ensure the best possible working conditions, including physical well-being and health.

We value the path traveled with effort and dedication to reach the trust between our employees and the management of the company. We are aware that if an employee trusts his direct superiors, he is proud of the work he develops and enjoys with the people with whom he works, all of which has a very positive impact on the results of the business.

If people work their best, in an environment of trust, the result is a company where the goals are achieved, we have the energy and the necessary momentum to take on the challenge of being better.

In this sense among our goals in addition to continuing with the good practices that are currently being developed we propose the following actions:

  • Continue the recruitment criteria based on equality of opportunity, diversity and positive discrimination of gender and disability.
  • Continue with the integration of personnel in the Organization with dignified treatment, respect, dialogue and transparency. (Check list of incorporations).
  • Continue with Safety and Health practices. Periodic medical monitoring of employees’ health and additional training in occupational risk prevention.
  • Continue to foster professional development. Review and control of the process of Evaluation of the Performance of our employees.
  • Continue to develop talent development plans and career plans.
  • Continue to promote sports activities for employees. Promote a healthy and supportive lifestyle in our environment.
  • Continue and push forward the social benefits plan for our employees.
  • Publish offers from Axians providers accessible to our employees.
  • Inform our employees about job offers for promotions, changes of position or presentation of known candidates.
  • Conduct work climate surveys and employee satisfaction surveys.
  • CSR training for employees.
  • To have an Equality Plan and to obtain the distinctions and recognitions that this entails.
  • Assuming concrete commitments that favor the reconciliation of work and family life in order to avoid any type of discrimination. Obtain the necessary recognition to be a Family Responsible Company.
  • Renew or general new commitments with Foundations that develop new programs of training, promotion and generation of specific employment for people with disabilities.
  • Promote among the professionals of our company the participation in initiatives of corporate volunteering. Actions to sensitize our workers to the reality of our environment with the aim of encouraging participation in social action programs.



The European Social Responsibility strategy of 2011 already introduces a new definition of corporate social responsibility, which relates the responsibility of companies “for their impacts on society”. It highlights the desirability of companies taking into account in their strategy and operations the expectations of stakeholders to maximize their capacity to create value for society as a whole. It also points out that in order to take full responsibility, companies must integrate social, environmental and ethical concerns, respect for human rights and consumer concerns.

In Axians we understand social support and the Community as the Programs oriented towards the support of the most vulnerable groups and people, as well as the organizations and foundations that work for them. We are convinced that the support of companies is fundamental to improve our society to generate integration and greater welfare state in society.

We have evidence of interaction with our community, for years we have been working on issues related to the chapter of social supports and the Community.

We currently collaborate with several Foundations such as:

These foundations are dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. We have held several Solidarity Markets in our offices and we have also placed orders to the Roncalli special employment center, we have supported campaigns to collect food for needy people among our employees with very good results, we have supported campaign donation of Ticket Restaurant to the NGO Action against hunger among our employees also with very good results, in these actions Axians has also made a Equivalent contribution. Our intention is to continue to promote and participate in this type of social action campaigns.

In Axians we bet and act to achieve one of the fundamental challenges of the country that is to reduce the rate of employment among young people. We have a scholarship program that has enabled, in collaboration with the main Universities of Spain and Institutes of Madrid, that unemployed people have acquired the necessary knowledge and experience to gain access to a job both in our own company and in other companies in the sector.

We are working on the action plans is the adherence to the Strategy of Entrepreneurship and Young Employment that has the Ministry of Employment and Social Security in motion, facilitating access to the labor market for young people.

We want to promote the development of micro-donations to channel contributions from our employees and our own company to entities with social and cultural purposes.

Our goal is to continue the commitment to contribute to the development of communities through social and voluntary action. We want to continue to share with people what society gives us, in a sustainable way in time.



Environmental impact is the effect of human activity on the environment. In companies we must measure this impact and try to minimize it.

Axians is aware of environmental issues and as a supporter of sustainable development and conservation of the environment, has implemented an Environmental Management System that allows the effective and responsible use of resources available in our company, promoting mainly the rational use of resources, saving energy and water and the proper management of waste. It is an important objective to raise awareness about environmental criteria in our employees and about energy savings. The CSR policy of Axians includes the following points:

  • Prevent the environmental contamination and the commitment to minimize, as far as possible, the environmental impacts derived from the activities of the organization.
  • We continue to establish measures to reduce CO2 emissions:

Inclusion of “green” policy with company cars with low CO2 emissions. Our objectives include the design of a Mobility Plan, reducing emissions and incorporating the most efficient vehicles into the company’s fleet of vehicles.

>    Promotors of the car-pooling culture.

>  Promote the culture of quality, environment, and social responsibility in all sectors of the Company as well as in the areas of influence of the same.

  • Establish objectives, goals and programs in the Company, with the corresponding mechanisms for review and analysis, in order to achieve continuous improvement. We aim to reduce our impact through eco-efficiency and valorization along the value chain. We need to encourage collaboration with the value chain actors to reduce their impact.
  • We must maintain our ISO 14001 certification, following our policies based on energy savings, recycling criteria, environmental criteria in our business and creating awareness of environmental criteria in our employees and other stakeholders.
  • We are committed to responsible consumption. We promote waste management and recycling policies. Currently in our offices we recycle almost all the waste we produce and the tendency is to reach 100%.



Companies play a very important role in social life as agents of development in the communities in which they are established. The companies are aware of this and for years we have continued to strengthen social responsibility, this involves following a series of behaviors that go beyond respect and strict compliance with laws and regulations, to adopt positions of active and voluntary contribution of improvement Social, economic and environmental.

In this line the criteria of transparency, good faith and cooperation in the business tax practice are fundamental. Axians’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy reflects corporate values ​​and commitments to the main stakeholders – shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the Society in general – as a communications engineering company. Our business management model includes ethics taking into consideration:

  • Protect human rights and fundamental rights
  • Management and relationship with stakeholders
  • Develop a responsible supply chain
  • Corporate governance and anti-corruption
  • All these reasons make us a reliable company among our stakeholders

All these reasons make us a reliable company among our stakeholders.

It is also important that our employees are ethically aware and governed by the principles of ethics. As the company grows, we foster the professional development of our employees by offering different alternatives for our staff to develop their potential to the fullest. It is essential to count on the company with an ethical and behavioral code for our employees and that everyone adheres to it.



Innovation is always a key element for competitiveness and is essential for long-term business sustainability. Given the importance of this strategic principle we will focus our innovative effort, investing in innovation.

The most innovative companies are built above all the available talent working in a collaborative network multidisciplinary and global, following a model:

  • Aligned with business strategy
  • Decentralized, open, in which the entire organization participates

Axians is a dynamic, versatile company and must master a large number of technologies that evolve at a high speed. Collaboration between the academic and business worlds is essential. This collaboration is effective only if there is continuity and mutual trust.

We have extensive experience in establishing partnerships and alliances with the most important technological leaders in the market. We maintain with our Partners an open and cooperative innovation model that allows us to develop joint strategic initiatives that we transfer to our solutions and services.

In this way we can offer our clients solutions that allow them to reach their business objectives through the implementation of our solutions in a competitive way, minimizing risks and deadlines.

Technology and innovation are always conceived in the service of the company’s global strategy, whose development objectives are achieved and surpassed by the innovative impulse generated by the mobilization of the whole organization.

In this model the following facets are critical:

  • Coordination of all innovation activities
  • Rationalization of efforts
  • Continuous support in the search for financing and generation of external interests
  • Fluid communication facilitates the institutional relationships of project teams
  • Permanent observatory for the channeling of the information of the environment like “early warning” in relation to opportunities of new technologies and adjacent markets
  • Continuous improvement of methods used in the management of innovation projects

We are committed to Innovation Projects and have recently worked on the following projects with co-financing from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism:

  • Development of an Advanced Geolocation System based on CMX technology
  • Cybersecurity for DNS Servers
  • Development of a modulable and scalable software module for the management of policies for new generation wireless networks