Vertical Markets

Vertical Markets

Custom Solutions to Business Needs

We have walked a long and enriching road with our customers from the Service Providers‘ market. Throughout this time we have managed to gain their trust, not only offering the solutions and services they needed at each moment, but also by proving that we are a great travel companion. We have shared times of plenty and crisis and we have always known how to find mutually beneficial solutions.

All the knowledge and experience acquired in the environment of critical infrastructures in Service Providers throughout these years has allowed us to offer Large Companies solutions and services that adapt perfectly to all their needs with the maximum level of quality, while guaranteeing the excellence of the service provided.

Acuntia has offices throughout the Spanish geography from where it can offer solutions and services that are personalised and adapted to the specific needs of local, regional and central governments. We have specific specific certifications to offer vertical end-to-end solutions for areas such as Scientific Networks and Education, Health, Defence and Security.


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