Catalog Services

We create, provide and manage a very wide range of ICT solutions and services.
We achieve this by investing in outstanding talents and by developing imaginative and turn-key/end-to-end offers.
This enables us to accompany our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their projects, from network infrastructures all the way to applications, with a view to reaching their goals and improving their performance.

Our level of services


  • Extended Warranty Management
  • First level technical assistance
  • Second level technical assistance
  • Third level technical assistance


  • Advanced preventive review
  • Early warning
  • Inventory management service
  • Situational audit


  • Updates and releases
  • ICT Assessment and Planning

Advanced technical support

  • Technical assessment
  • Programmes Works
  • In-situ planned assistance

Situational audit

  • Physical/logical inventory and cartography
  • Obsolescence and bug analysis
  • Configuration, performance, capacity

Architectural design

  • Advanced Network architectures
  • Security and Information Protection
  • Collaborative Solutions
  • IP Video and Digital Television
  • Datacenter and Digital Transformation


  • Requirements Definition
  • Equipment
  • Functions
  • Solutions
  • Stress test
  • RIPE

ICT Security

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Ethical hacking
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Standards
  • Forensic analysis
  • Business continuity plan

ICT Strategy and Organization

  • Strategic plan
  • Directors plans
  • Organizational plan
  • Service model Transition


  • Project management
  • High and low level design
  • Pilot instalation / Massive deployment
  • Basic and advanced configuration
  • Acceptance test
  • Cartography and documentation
  • Babysitting



  • Migration plan design and coexistence
  • Migration scenarios homologation

Integration and development


  • Proof of concept
  • “Border” software development
  • End-to-end validation

Personalized Training

  • Technological
  • Workshops

Surveillance and detection

  • Availability management
  • Capacity and performance management
  • Event management and logs correlation

Mitigation and incident resolution

  • Incident management
  • Security incident management

Operation and administration

  • Change management and execution
  • Request management

Prevention and control

  • Problem management
  • Release management and obsolescence
  • Vulnerability management
  • Configuration management
  • Inventory management

Reporting and dashboards

  • Report management
  • Dashboard management
  • Service level management