About Axians Spain

About Axians


Axians is a global brand of VINCI Energies, one of the five largest integrators worldwide with a turnover of 2.300 million euros, more tan 10,000 employees and presence in 22 countries. Axians Spain, with a success story of more than 27 years, is the undisputed leader in integration services around ICTs in Spain. With the recent addition to the VINCI Energies group, it has played a differential role in the Digital Transformation scenario, with unified solutions in the Energy and Industry markets and in the innovation lines linked to IoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. The contrasting presence of VINCI Energies in these markets is key in the development of Axians’ new strategy.







In our Vision, the world is more connected than ever and the speed of change is amazing. Our Ambition is to provide the best combination of technology and services to help our clients meet their business objectives. Our Mission is to improve the lives of people and organizations, fostering a personal and deeply human relationship with our clients. Our Code of Ethics and Behaviors formalizes the rules of conduct that are imposed in all our companies and collaborators. Axians, as part of the VINCI Energies group, has been built around very solid Values: Autonomy, Confidence, Solidarity, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship. These values ​​forge our culture and guide our actions. We have a Promise: “Offer the best of information technologies, with a Human touch”.





Axians Spain was created in 1991 under the name of Kern Datanet, as a network and communications integrator with a focus on banking and industry. In 1999 it was acquired by Telindus Group, a European integrator with presence in more than 15 countries, and is now called Telindus Spain. In 2006, Belgacom acquired Telindus Group. In 2011, Telindus Spain is acquired by Corpfin Capital and is renamed Acuntia. In 2015, GPF Capital buys the participation of Corpfin. In 2017, with maximum historical results and benefits, Acuntia is acquired by VINCI Energies, which will be renamed in July 2018 Axians.




In 2018 we broke records with a turnover of 116 million euros with a staff of 500 people. In less than 9 years we have doubled our turnover. Currently, in addition to our undisputed presence in Telecommunications Operators, we have a portfolio of more than 342 clients, 30 of them are IBEX 35 companies. We have the recognition in the sector, we achieve excellence with our clients and we are very diversified both in markets and in the technological lines we work. We have the highest certifications and accreditations of our Partners.


The future of Axians is marked by a constant evolution, clients always demand us and obtain new solutions and services oriented to the development of their businesses. Our strategy is based on organic growth with profitability and inorganic growth in those areas where it is important to accelerate our position in the market. We have specific areas of innovation in solutions and services that help us make the right decisions.


In short, it defines us in our motto:

“The best of ICT with a human touch”